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There’s No Shame In No Strings Dating

There’s No Shame In No Strings Dating

Sometimes, as a singleton, you’ll reach a stage in your life where you’re ready to settle down. You’re serious about finding a long-term partner to share your life with, and you decide that you’re done with dates that end up going nowhere, or short relationships that may well be a load of fun, but probably don’t have any real prospects for the future.

But sometimes, you know that you want the opposite. You don’t want commitment. You still want to enjoy the company of another person and have a really good time, but you’re unapologetic about the fact that this will never be a lasting kind of thing.

And you know what? There should be absolutely no shame in making that decision. If you suspect that sex dating could be just your cup of tea right now, then you should definitely consider pursuing it. This is why…

Everyone knows what they’re signing up for

We’re all adults here. We can make decisions about what we really want, and we can take action to bring our desires into reality. As long as you communicate openly with your dates about what you want, and you aren’t leading anyone up the garden path, then there’s no need for anyone to get hurt or be given the wrong impression. Sites that offer nostringsdating uk opportunities mean that you can be connected with people who are actively searching for the exact same thing.

You don’t have to tell the world about it

Okay, so you’re probably not going to mention your no strings dates to your grandma over Sunday dinner. It might not go down particularly well. But the point here is that your private life is exactly that – completely private. If this is something that you want to explore without telling other people, then that’s totally fine. As long as you’re taking safety precautions when it comes to where and how you meet your dates, then you really don’t need to divulge all the details to your nearest and dearest!

Love and marriage isn’t for everyone

Maybe you’re completely happy with the single life, and you have no desire to change your circumstances any time in the foreseeable future. If your life is one that makes you happy and fulfilled, then that’s great. Society often tries to make us think that our goals should include a white wedding, a few kids, and a shared home with someone you love. These days though, more and more of us are realising that there’s other options, and that they’re just as legitimate. Knowing your own mind and what you really want can be a very liberating and powerful thing.

The internet has given us a wealth of opportunities, and one of those is the freedom to be able to date on our terms. So if no strings dating is something that you want to explore a little further, then don’t let anything hold you back from making a decision that’s right for you.

Would you ever experiment with this way to meet new people?


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